Final Period

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released the Payment Year (PY) 2024 End-Stage Renal Disease Quality Incentive Program (ESRD QIP) Final Performance Score Reports (PSRs) and Performance Score Certificates (PSCs) on November 13, 2023. Authorized facility staff can log into the ESRD Quality Reporting System (EQRS) to view and download these documents. Facilities are required to display both the English and Spanish versions of their PSC in a prominent patient location within the facility by December 4, 2023, which is 15 business days after they are available. PSCs must remain posted throughout the remainder of 2024, until next year’s PSCs are available.

Helping save the lives of End-Stage Renal Disease patients

This program aims to improve healthcare outcomes for ESRD patients by providing dialysis providers with tools that utilize current best practices to ensure the quality of care for patients.

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Our Mission

The objective of the EQRS system is to stimulate and support significant improvement in the quality of dialysis care.

EQRS serves as a collection system for dialysis facility, patient demographics, and clinical data, calculates Medicare coverage periods, and measures and scores the quality of care dialysis facilities provide.

Through the implementation of this system, CMS aims to refine and standardize dialysis care measures, ESRD data definitions, and data transmission to support the needs of Medicare’s ESRD program; empower patients and consumers by providing access to facility service and quality information; provide quality improvement support to dialysis providers; assure compliance with conditions of coverage; and build strategic partnerships with patients, providers, professionals, and other stakeholders.


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